Hritik Roshan Beats Shahrukh Khan in Ratings

It seems like the Krish Star Hrithik Roshan is back with a bang.  In 2017, when it comes to star rating, he has surpassed Shahrukh Khan.

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil got higher rating across reviews than Shahrukh Khan’s Raees in 2017. There was a tough competition between both the movies this year, but finally the results are out and Kaabil has won the audience choice award.

The Raees vs. Kaabil debate has been going on since very long, but it finally graduates from its theoretical phase to hard facts and figures. While Shahrukh’s Raees by publicity stunt has helped the film to shoot up and get media attention, Hrithik seems to win the competition, thanks to critic reviews.

Although Khan’s Raees too has garnered mostly favourable reviews, Kaabil has earned distinctly higher ratings. Shahrukh has ratings ranging from 2 to 4 stars, but Hrithik has managed to consistently get four stars.

Many have argued that Raees tried too hard to keep an earthy feel to the movie, while still adding Shahrukh Khan’s glamour to it. This situation leaves the film in a confusing no-man’s land.

We all know who the king of Bollywood is. Even though Kaabil got higher ratings, Raees comes out as the bigger box office success. For Kaabil, unless a film has a startlingly outstanding plot like Dangal, critic ratings don’t boost its performance much. It seems like Shahrukh Khan has mastered the art of delivering crowd-pleasing movies like Om Shanti Om or Happy New Year even if this kind of films don’t challenge a viewer.

When somebody asked a question about this to Shahrukh Khan, he laughed at it and moved on. Every year, we see these kinds of comparisons happening between stars and movies. For them, it is just a part of their life. They just smile and move on.

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